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Without Classroom or Teacher time, and by Simply Extending the Learning Day.

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With today’s digitally savvy and social-media oriented generation, there is a dire need for online-based learning to keep students engaged and focused on their goals. The concept of e-learning holds a great significance in defining the future of education with skill-based learning and knowledge-oriented teaching. The concept of knowledge-based learning aims to develop an understanding of the theoretical concepts in a linear framework of delivering facts; however, the skill-based learning methodology is more of practical and experiential learning.


What is skill-based learning?


It aims towards building the skills of the student who has already acquired knowledge through classroom learning and encourages them to experiment and apply those concepts to strengthen the learning process. Online, game-based and kid-driven learning provides an experiential learning platform outside the classroom that is designed to help students apply and reflect on the knowledge gained in the classroom.


The idea behind this innovative learning method is to develop learners into independent thinkers and prepare them for the challenges in the future. It sparks creativity, develops critical thinking, enhances problem solving, builds effective written and oral communication and hones leadership.


At AmericaU, we aim to develop these significant skills and abilities in students without requiring classroom or teacher time. Our platform is actually designed to not only supplement what is learned in the classroom, but to become a force multiplier of the knowledge acquired in that classroom. Every primary student in America should have access to the AmericaU skills based training program that will help them move beyond acquiring knowledge, and discover their maximum potential.

AmericaU is the world’s first “career and life-skills university” for kids and families, offering a virtual campus experience that allows students to “roleplay” as a real college student. In doing so, AmericaU becomes a "life simulator" that creates an online supplement to the classroom where kids experience relevance that builds skills such as builds self-awareness, economic success and digital competencies in both online and offline activities.


We've spent years developing the platform and educating millions of kids and their families around the world. Harvard university has published a paper on the effectiveness of the learning platform and how well it can motivate students to learn on their own outside of classroom time CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE HARVARD REPORT.


The platform is powered by the LASER learning system (Learn, Apply, Share, Experience and Reflect & Replicate - CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHITE PAPER for detailed information) which includes three integrated components: the Campus Create game-based learning platform for kids, the AmericaU family engagement app, and the LASER Certified Skills Coach credential for teachers.


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