America Needs a New Brand of Teacher that is Trained and Certified to Coach our Children how to Learn Critical Life-Skills.

Education needs to develop a new paradigm that will do the following: 


  1. Improve learning outcomes for students so they can compete globally,  

  2. Improve the working conditions for teachers so we can attract and retain effective teachers and reverse the teacher shortage, and 

  3. Do both of these at lower costs. 




Every K-12 student in the world is entitled

to a “21st century education” that is career

focused.  The question is which career is

waiting ahead for these students? What are

the options? What  if students could sample, or better yet delve more deeply into a broader set of options? They  can! This is the beautiful thing about digital learning driven by trained coaches. We can  leverage traditional models of education with new technologies and create a “force-multiplier” effect setting up the next generation with everything they need for employment in the  21st Century. 


The AmericaU platform does just that.


The pandemic has brought online learning to the forefront for schools and parents. The inadequacies and strengths of our traditional systems of education are on full display. Under the circumstances of this pandemic, parents have had to become more than tutors. They have had to become teachers! Some parents can, but most cannot do this well enough to compensate for disruptions currently experienced by most students.  


Even though parents are getting more involved in their child’s education, they are still in desperate need of skilled teachers. The drive for new online learning tools was already, and remains relentless! We have a solution that brings both the technology and newly trained teachers (Skills Coaches) together to fill this increasing need. The home front becomes a much more compelling learning environment because our platform fills the gap between the professional teacher and their classroom, and a loving and dedicated parent. There is tremendous latent learning power in the family, and we can help tap into that power by training teachers with a new skill – facilitating kid-driven, personalized learning and helping them work with families to unleash that family learning power. 


AmericaU and its post-secondary university partners bring the critical pieces to  schools and families to address this great opportunity in the education market to respond to the market demands and deliver a better learning solution. 


Where better to get this expertise than from a company that has spent the past 8 years  building out the world leading kid-driven, game-based learning platform, who has partnered with the leading post-secondary institutions in teacher training and certification.  


How Do We Do This?

We start by training a new “Skills Coach” who will be equipped and supported to become the new “factor” in an improved education system that will better support our teachers as they train our kids better, and do it at less cost. These are some of the outcomes of the improved education system: 


  • Teaching kids the skills they need to be successful in a global and rapidly evolving economy 

  • Taking some of the burden off teachers and letting them focus on what they do best (27% of teachers are considering quitting because of Covid – this adds to an already  existing shortage of teachers every year) 

  • Increase the PISA scores and become more competitive internationally (we’re currently in the bottom half) 

  • We compete more effectively with countries like China, by building up our long-term national security with highly skilled programmers and engineers

  • By leveraging game-based and family-driven learning, the new Skills Coaches are able to  manage up to 1000 students each (most of those students learn on their own in the  game) 

  • This will free up more classroom and teacher time to focus on those kids that need the extra attention 

  • With anywhere and anytime learning, students will learn after school hours with minimal direction from the Skills Coach, resulting in extended learning hours for the school

  • By facilitating and leveraging the power of the family, students will learn better 

  • Learning in an environment of relevancy encourages using core subject knowledge 

  • All of these outcomes contribute to more skills learned per hour = more skills learned at the same cost = lower cost of learning 

  • The new skills are stored in the student’s “life-long learning portfolio” which shows their learning progression from primary to middle to high school to post-secondary


Schools will have a couple options to get started. They can select a teacher to go through either the "fast track" training to get the program up and running in a couple of days, or they can opt to have their teacher certified in the 4 week training process. Or they can get started quickly and have the program running while the teacher is getting further certified.

How Much Does it Pay?

The Skills Coach can be a part-time or full-time position - all from the comfort of your home and working with students in the game and the parents in the AmericaU app.

The part-time job could be as little as a couple of hours per day and making $20-$30/hour depending on how many students you're coaching.

We also have an additional compensation package for those that recruit students and Skills Coaches.

This is the perfect job for someone who wants to earn money while helping the upcoming generation be successful.