The Learning Engine

The LASER learning model powers the AmericaU platform. The core of the LASER learning model is meta-Learning.  Simply defined, meta-learning is “learning about learning,”or being aware of and taking control of one’s own learning – moving beyond traditional learning. 


When we learn new skills, we rarely - if ever - start from scratch. We start from skills learned earlier in related tasks, reuse approaches that worked well before, and focus on what is likely worth trying based on experience. With every skill learned, learning new skills becomes easier, requiring fewer examples and less trial-and-error. In short, we learn how to learn across tasks. 


LASER is the learning model perfectly suited for difficult times demanding that self-motivated kids learn in many new ways, including without being in a classroom or direct instruction by a teacher. 


AmericaU is a hybrid “gaming-plus-education” platform that provides anywhere and any time learning from any device. As the military did with the flight simulator, we’ve created a “life-simulator” where kids use the LASER model to acquire and develop the skills that will help them and their families prosper. Kids learn critical job- and life-skills regardless of location or learning environment. This type of learning has a long history of effectiveness, and we have just applied those same principles to kids and their families. 


AmericaU is designed to be a “campus” for primary school age kids with connections to their peers in their classroom and around the world, and the relevant adults in their life, starting with their parents, grandparents and caregivers. It’s a simulator for what the world will look like for them after high school – whether they go to college, trade school or straight into the workforce. It will train them how to produce wealth, while being healthy and of good character. It will help put them on a path to graduate from high school, ready to be a positive contributor to their family and community. 

Campus Create is a “Minecraft-like” supplemental learning resource that motivates kids to learn health & wellness, character, 21st century life-skills, and entrepreneurship. The game-based learning quests immerse kids in a positive “college campus” virtual atmosphere where they can experience what it is like to be a college student. Kids love to role-play, and this provides a daily extension of their learning time that positively impacts their current and future studies.

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