Teachers - this is where your child can learn great life-skills on their own - no need for your time or their teacher's - they do it themselves.

Students, teachers, and families must constantly adapt where and when learning happens.


Accordingly, they need a science-based learning system that accelerates acquisition of critical life-skills designed specifically for this time. 

AmericaU is the world’s first “career and life-skills university” for kids and families, offering a virtual campus experience that allows students to “roleplay” as a real college student. In doing so, AmericaU builds resilience, persistence, and the habits of mind that lead students to civic and economic success.   

AmericaU is a highly engaging real world virtual gaming experience that motivates students to acquire and improve communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity through self directed, personalized learning activities/quests.

The learning system includes three integrated components: the AmericaU family engagement app, Campus Create student game platform, and LASER Certified Facilitator credential for teachers.  

These Are Some of the Skills...

Becoming "indistractable" is the most important skill for the 21st century — and it’s one that many parents fail to teach their kids.


We can teach your child this skill, along with many other critical skills for their success.


Primary School kids can actually start earning official post-secondary certificates for different life and career skills.

We start them out with social and emotional learning that is embedded throughout the gameplay. This is a difficult world for these kids and we need to teach them how to be resilient and strong.

Then they start to branch out into other life and career skills that they are interested in.

A special offer for our teachers...