Kids - this is the place to learn great skills!

You get your own dorm room in the college dorms.

Once you enroll, you become a virtual college student at your school's campus!

You explore the world, visit and compete with other campuses, and create cool things to use or sell in the game.

Check out the video of the game.

Your new college is waiting for you to enroll...


This is the place where you become a virtual college student with other kids around the world.


Its kind of like Minecraft and Clash of Clans, where you'll learn how to create awesome stuff and compete with other colleges around the world.


And just like college, you'll have your own dorm room and lots of fun things to do with your buddies.


School has never been this fun!


Here's some of things that you and your friends will be able to do in the game (insert pics for each activity):


  • create your own dorm room and add cool things and activities

  • build some very cool hi-tech gadgets and things like cars, hoverboards, etc

  • work with team mates around the world to build up and protect your town from the evil pirates

  • compete with other kids from other towns in mini-games like racing, skiing, trivia, battle royale and others

  • as you learn certain skills in the game - you may qualify for a real certificate from a real university or a certificate for a real trade

  • learning can be alot of fun and you'll get to learn with your buddies in a global game thats pretty neat